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Connecting to a service

Connecting to a service

You can create a Virtual Private Endpoint (VPE) gateway to connect to an IBM Cloud service, or an IBM service or third-party application (Private Path beta) that is hosted outside of IBM Cloud.

The beta release of IBM Cloud Private Path services is only available to allowlisted users. Contact your IBM Support representative if you are interested in getting early access to this beta offering.

Here are your two choices:

  • IBM Cloud service

    Select this option to connect to an IBM Cloud service. When configuring a VPE gateway, you are shown a customized list of common services and any services that were provisioned with your account. See VPE-enabled services for a complete list of IBM Cloud services that are enabled for VPE gateway connectivity.

  • Non-IBM Cloud service (Private Path beta only)

    Select this option if you received connection information from a provider of a service or application that includes a cloud resource name (CRN) to a Private Path service. A Private Path service is what your provider sets up to create a connection to their service or application over the IBM Cloud private network.

    After you create a VPE gateway, a connection request is sent for review to the provider of the service that you are trying to connect to. Keep in mind that your account ID is shared in this request. To track the progress of your request, go to the Virtual private endpoint gateways for VPC dashboard to view the status of your request. The status of your VPE gateway remains Pending until your connection request is either accepted (Stable) or rejected (Failed).

    If you have any questions, contact your service provider.

VPE-enabled services

The following IBM Cloud services are enabled for Virtual Private Endpoints (VPE) gateway connectivity.

This topic updates as additional services are supported.