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Getting started with VMware Solutions

Getting started with VMware Solutions

In this IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions getting started tutorial, we take you through the process of ordering an instance and some services for it.

Before you begin

Before you start to work with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, review the following important information about browser requirements, users accounts, deployment options, and services.

Browser requirements

For more information, see Browsers.

User accounts

You need an IBM Cloud account and an IBM Cloud infrastructure account. These accounts must meet certain requirements.

Table 1. Required user accounts
Account Description
IBMid By using the IBMid, you can have a single login username for all IBM products and services that you use, including IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions is provided as an infrastructure solution in the IBM Cloud catalog. To access the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions console, you must have an IBMid.

To use your IBMid to log in to the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions console, you must associate the IBMid with an IBM Cloud account. When you log in to the console for the first time, you are asked to associate your existing IBMid with an IBM Cloud account, or to sign up for a new IBM Cloud account. The new IBM Cloud account is automatically associated with your IBMid. You go through this process only one time.

If you have problems when you associate your IBMid with an IBM Cloud account, see Why is my password incorrect?

IBM Cloud account To order and use IBM Cloud services, an IBM Cloud account is required. Billing information is associated with the IBM Cloud account. The price of the physical and virtual infrastructure and the resulting licenses are charged to your IBM Cloud account.
IBM Cloud infrastructure account If you have an IBM Cloud infrastructure account, link it with your IBM Cloud account by following the procedure in Upgrading your account. If you do not have an IBM Cloud infrastructure account, request one by following the procedure in The IBM Cloud infrastructure account. Then, link it to your IBM Cloud account by following the previous procedure.

When you link your IBM Cloud infrastructure account with your IBM Cloud account, you can use the combined IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) resources, and access these resources from a single login. It also provides you with a single invoice for all the PaaS and IaaS resources that you use.

Deployment offerings

Review and choose your deployment offering.

Table 2. Deployment offerings
Deployment offering Description
VMware as a Service This offering provides the VMware Cloud Director platform as a managed service. IBM® performs the configuration, hosting, operations, and lifecycle management of the VMware® software so you can quickly deploy your VMware-based cloud computing environments.
VMware vSphere This offering provides a customizable virtualization service that combines VMware-compatible bare metal servers, hardware components, and licenses, to build your own IBM-hosted VMware environment.
VMware vCenter Server This offering deploys a VMware virtual environment by using custom compute, storage, and network resources to best fit your business needs.
VMware Regulated Workloads This offering includes a secure-by-default architecture that follows IBM's unique policy controls framework, it provides continuous compliance monitoring, and the highest level of data encryption (FIPS 140-2 Level 4).
Cyber Recovery This offering provides air-gapped protection, immutable storage, and rapid recovery of applications and data for ransomware protection.
VMware Cloud Foundation This offering is a full-stack Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solution that is built on VMware Cloud Foundation. It delivers compute, storage, networking, management automation, and security in a single platform on IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers for Virtual Private Cloud.

Add-on services

Review and choose services for your deployment.

Security and compliance services

The following table describes the security and compliance services that are available.

Table 3. Security and compliance services
Service name Description
Caveonix RiskForesight™ This service manages cyberrisk and compliance risk with proactive monitoring and automated defense controls to protect against threats and to meet industry or government regulations.
FortiGate® Virtual Appliance This service deploys a pair of FortiGate Virtual Appliances to your environment, which can help you reduce risk by implementing critical security controls within your virtual infrastructure.
F5 BIG-IP® This service provides intelligent L4-L7 load balancing and traffic management services at a local and global scale, robust network and web application firewall protection, and secure and federated application access.
KMIP™ for VMware This service provides a highly available service to manage encryption keys that are used by VMware in IBM Cloud. By using the runtime capability, you can manage encryption keys and to maintain the associations between the client credentials and the encryption keys.
Juniper® vSRX This service provides security and networking services at the perimeter or edge in virtualized private or public cloud environments. Within a VMware infrastructure, vSRX runs as a VM within the VMware vSphere® environment. The vSRX provides a complete Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) solution.

Data resiliency and migration services

The following table describes the data resiliency and migration services that are available.

Table 4. Data resiliency and migration services
Service name Description
HCX™ This service can extend the networks of on-premises data centers into IBM Cloud, which allows VMs to be migrated to and from the IBM Cloud without any conversion or change.
PrimaryIO Migrations This service offers various capabilities to facilitate the cloud journey for organizations with an investment in VMware.
ProtectIO This service provides a robust disaster recovery solution while leveraging the latest cloud economics for an attractive Total Cost of Ownership.
Veeam® This service integrates directly with your VMware hypervisors to help your enterprise achieve high availability. You can control both the backup and restore of all VMs for your infrastructure from the Veeam console.
Zerto This service provides replication and disaster recovery capabilities, which can be integrated into the deployment offerings to protect and recover data in your VMware virtual environment on IBM Cloud.

Featured workload solutions

The following table describes the featured workload solutions services that are available.

Table 5. Featured workload solutions
Service name Description
Dizzion This service provides more service-level choices, multicloud integration, compliance, protection, and simplified management for the teams that are in charge with environment optimization.
IBM Security Services for SAP® This service offers a cybersecurity solution to automate the monitoring and protection of SAP applications on IBM Cloud, and to keep workloads compliant and secure from inside and outside threats.

Other services

The following table describes other services that are available.

Table 6. Other services
Service category Service name Description
Transformation and modernization Red Hat® OpenShift® for VMware This service brings together the power of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and the VMware software-defined data center stack.
Management tools VMware Aria Operations and VMware Aria Operations for Logs This service deploys the tools of VMware Aria® Operations™ and VMware Aria Operations™ for Logs, which help you operate and monitor the performance, health, and capacity of your IBM-hosted, dedicated VMware environment.

Accessing the VMware Solutions console

The VMware Solutions console is the user interface where you order and manage your deployments. Each deployment is managed as an instance in the console. The console is a stand-alone user interface that is separate from the IBM Cloud infrastructure customer portal.

To access the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions console:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to the console with your IBMid.

Setting up your environment for your first order

Decide upon a deployment offering, which is managed as an instance in the console, and then ensure that your environment is ready for your order. Follow the instructions in the Before you begin section on the ordering page. The instructions might vary depending on the instance type that you select.

For more information about how to set up your environment for your first order, see Setting up your environment for your first order.

Ordering an instance

After you set up your environment properly, begin the ordering process.

For more information about how to order an instance, see the following topics based on your selected deployment:

Viewing the instance

After you place an instance order in Step 3, the deployment of the instance starts automatically. You can track the status of the deployment by viewing the instance details. When the instance deployment is completed, you can view the summary and detailed information of the instance and its services on the instance details page too.

For more information about how to view the instance you ordered, see the following topics based on your selected deployment: