IBM® Cloudant® for IBM Cloud is a document-oriented database as a service (DBaaS). It stores data as documents in JSON format. It is built with scalability, high availability, and durability in mind. It comes with a wide variety of indexing options that include MapReduce, IBM Cloudant Query, full-text indexing, and geospatial indexing. The replication capabilities make it easy to keep data in sync between database clusters, desktop PCs, and mobile devices.

We maintain pre-built client libraries for customers to use. Detailed documentation is also available such as a Getting started tutorial, API documentation, tutorials, and guides.


Access to IBM Cloudant is controlled using IBM Cloud™ Identity and Access Management (IAM), which provides a unified approach to managing user identities, and access control across your IBM Cloud™ services and applications.

To work with the API, authenticate your application or service by including your IBM Cloud™ IAM access token in API requests.

Further information:

Error handling

IBM Cloudant works through HTTP. The HTTP status codes indicate the success or failure of a method by using a combination of the HTTP status code number and corresponding data in the body of the response. A 200 response always indicates success. A 400 response indicates a failure, and a 500 response usually indicates an internal system error.

Complete IBM Cloudant API Documentation

The documentation here is partial and covers a subset of endpoints. View the full API documentation.


Meta information about the instance.

Accessing the root of a CouchDB instance returns meta information about the instance. The response is a JSON structure containing information about the server, including a welcome message and the version of the server.


No Request Parameters

This method does not accept any request parameters.



Status Code

  • Meta information about the instance.

  • Unexpected error.

Example responses
  • {
      "couchdb": "Welcome",
      "version": "2.1.1",
      "vendor": {
        "name": "IBM Cloudant",
        "version": "7410",
        "variant": "paas"
      "features": [
  • {
      "error": "service_unavailable",
      "reason": "Service unavailable"