Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform based on Apache OpenWhisk

Run your application code without servers, scale it automatically, and pay nothing when it's not in use.

What's New

  • IAM enablement
  • Namespaces can now be explicitly managed and show up on the dashboard
  • Manage Namespace Settings
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Save costs, scale and integrate.

Cost-Effective Computing

Pay for what time you use down to one-tenth of a second. No memory, no cost.

Automatically Scale

Run your action thousands of times in a fraction of a second, or once a week. Action instances scale to meet demand exactly, then disappear.

Easy Integration

Trigger your actions from events in your favorite services, or directly via REST API.

Use-cases and samples

Serverless Backends

Expose application logic by implementing serverless microservices. Simply map your functions to well-defined API endpoints any client can call by making use of Web Actions or our latest API Gateway integration.

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Mobile Backend

Allow mobile developers to easily access server-side logic and to outsource compute-intensive tasks to a scalable cloud platform. Let them implement functions in languages like Swift and easily consume server-side functions using our iOS SDK.

Case-Study: Weather Gods app

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Cognitive Data Processing

Analyze data as soon as it becomes available. Let your function make use of powerful cognitive services like IBM Watson to detect objects or people appearing in images or videos.

Case-study: Skylink (drone image analyzing)

Data Processing

Execute code whenever data is updated in your datastore. Easily automate processes like audio normalization, image rotation, sharpening, noise reduction, thumbnail generation, or video transcoding.

Case-study: SiteSpirit (90% cost reduction)

Sample App on Github

IoT Ready

React to and process IoT sensor data. Let any IoT device send data to our IBM Watson IoT platform and define cloud rules to call your functions and execute custom application logic.

Case-study: GreenQ (Smart city data)

Event Stream Processing

Process data in-motion and make your functions react to incoming messages. Benefit from our IBM Event Streams—an IBM Cloud managed Apache Kafka—integration.

Sample App on Github

Conversational Scenarios

Implement serverless conversational applications, like chatbots, by passing chat messages to your functions for further processing.

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Scheduled Tasks

Execute your functions periodically. Define schedules following a cron-like syntax to specify when actions are supposed to be executed.


Work with what you already know and love. Develop your functions directly in your most favorite language, or provide us with a Docker container to develop using any compiled language such as Go, C, etc.

Event Providers

Benefit from an ecosystem of event consumers and emitters from different areas like analytics, cognitive, data, IoT, mobile, and more. Using our open event-provider interface, you can enable any service you would like to use.