1. Download the iOS SDKDownload SDK

This SDK contains a boilerplate XCode project.

  1. Extract the SDK

Extract and navigate to the project directory. In response to smartphone input, this starter application invokes a built-in action on the Cloud Functions server.

unzip OpenWhiskIOSStarterApp.zip cd OpenWhiskIOSStarterApp.xcodeproj

  1. Install the Cloud Functions iOS SDK into the Starter App using your dependency manager

For CocoaPods: Run pod install, and open the resulting Xcode workspace.
For Carthage: Run carthage update. This will create Carthage/Build/iOS/Cloud Functions.framework. Open Xcode and add that file to the embedded binaries section of the Cloud Functions iOS Starter App target.

  1. Change the ViewController.swift

Open ViewController.swift, and overwrite these two lines. These are your authorization settings for the {{display_name}} region.

let WhiskAppKey = "<Log in to see your credentials>" let WhiskAppSecret = "<Log in to see your credentials>"

  1. Test it

Verify your setup by running the project. In the iPhone simulator, click "Tap Me", and the current date should be displayed.


XCode Screenshot