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Adding a database-catalog pair

Adding a database-catalog pair

A database is one of the data sources that you can register and use in IBM® A catalog defines the schemas and metadata for a data source.

When you add your own object storage bucket or database, or query the data in these data sources through the query engines of, egress charges for pulling data out of these sources might apply depending on your service provider. If you are using managed services, consult your service provider's documentation or support for details about these charges.

To reduce the latency issues, it is recommended to colocate your additional object storage buckets or databases in the region where instance is provisioned.

To add a database-catalog pair, complete the following steps.

  1. Log in to the instance.

  2. From the navigation menu, select Infrastructure manager.

  3. To add a database, click Add component and select Add database.

  4. In the Add database window, select a database from the Database type drop-down list.

  5. Based on the database type selected, configure the database details.

    Two databases with the same name cannot be added.

For more information on mixed-case feature flag behavior, supported SQL statements and supported data types matrices, see Support content.