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Adding integrations

Adding integrations

Add integrations to your assistant so that you can publish your bot to the channels where your customers go for help.

To deploy an assistant to customers, a channel integration must be added. By default, a web chat integration is created, allowing an assistant to be embedded in a website. Other channel integrations are available in the Integrations catalog. For more information, see Adding the web chat to your website.

Image of the Integrations catalog

When you add an integration, that integration is added to both the draft and live environments, or to all your environments if you are using multiple environments. Test content and integrations before you deploy your assistant to customers. For more information about adding integrations to your assistant, see Adding integrations. After a live channel is added and configured, it is ready to deploy your assistant on its corresponding platform.

Add an integration

Follow these steps to add integrations to your assistant:

  1. Go to the Integrations page by clicking the integrations icon (Integrations icon) in the left menu.

  2. Scroll to see available integrations.

    Why do I have the web chat integration? This integration is provisioned and added automatically to your first assistant only.

    watsonx Assistant comes with the web chat integration, which is an engaging and fully extensible front-end client that can be added to your website in minutes. It is designed to handle advanced conversational scenarios, including rich responses, such as images, video, and iframes, suggestions when the user gets stuck, and live agent escalation.

  3. For any integration that you want to add, click Add. The options include:

    You can also set up live agent integrations by going to the Live agent tab from the web chat tile. The options include:

    Web chat live agent integrations

    Web chat live agent reference implementations

    Phone live agent integrations

  4. Follow the instructions provided on screen to complete the integration process.

Plus For environments where private endpoints are in use, keep in mind that these integrations send traffic over the internet.

How live agent integrations work

Watch a 4-minute video about integrating your assistant with a live agent integration, such as Zendesk:

To learn how live agent integrations with your assistant can benefit your business, read Customer Service Just Got Smarter.