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Create an Event Notifications subscription

Create an Event Notifications subscription

Create an Event Notifications subscription. Destinations subscribe to topics. Multiple destinations can subscribe to a single topic. An email subscription is a list of all emails IDs, and an SMS subscription is a list of all phone numbers that a notification is routed to. A webhook subscription links a webhook destination to a topic.

Of these, IBM Cloud Email service and IBM Cloud SMS service are supported out-of-the box.

Create a subscription

Click Subscriptions in the Event Notifications console.

Add subscription details

  • Click Create to display subscription side panel.

  • Complete the following subscription details:

    • Name: name of the subscription.
    • Description: add an optional description.
  • Select a Topic from the list.

  • Select a Destination type from the Destination list.

    • IBM Cloud SMS service - When you select this option, you can add up to 3 phone numbers for lite plan and 100 phone numbers for standard plan to the recipient list. After adding phone number and when you click Create subscription, the number are added to the Invited tab. The Active tab, displays the phone number of recipients who confirmed receiving SMS notifications for the topic selected in the invite.

      • When a recipient clicks the Unsubscribe link, the recipients number is moved to the Unsubscribed tab. To restart the subscription, the recipient need to contact IBM Event Notifications service administrator to add the number back to subscription.
      • In some cases, the carrier service allows keywords like START and STOP. When a recipient sends a response STOP, sending notifications to the recipient gets immediately disabled. However, the phone number is moved to Unsubscribed tab only on the next attempt to send an SMS to the same number. The recipient can restart to receive the SMS by sending a response code START in some case where keyword use is permitted by the carrier service.
    • IBM Cloud Email service - When you select this option, you can add up to 10,000 email addresses of the recipient list. The Invited tab displays a list of users who have not yet accepted the invitation to be a subscriber. The Active tab displays a list of recipients' email addresses and the date they were activated. The Unsubscribed tab displays a list of recipients who have opted out of receiving any email notifications for this subscription.

  • Add additional information that is related to the respective destination type.

    • For IBM Cloud Email service
      • Select Add notification payload, which is optional.
      • Add the sender's name in the From name.
      • Add Reply to information - Enter the reply to name, to whom the reply to be addressed, and Email of the reply to name.
      • In the Recipients section, select the Invited tab, enter the email address of the recipient, and click Add + to proceed.
    • For ServiceNow destination
      • Add values for the following fields, which are optional:

        • Assigned to - User you want the incident to be assigned.
        • Assignment group - Group you want the incident to be assigned.

        If you are providing Assigned to and Assignment group values, make sure they have proper settings and linked otherwise ServiceNow will reject requests with 403. Also make sure there are no Business Rule blocking assignment to these groups and users.

  • Click Create.

Enable the subscription

  • Click Create in the subscription side panel.


You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from specific Event Notifications subscription. Also, users can opt out of receiving notifications for any subscription.