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IBM® Db2® on Cloud is a fully managed public cloud service on IBM Cloud. As a relational database, it delivers fast query processing with enterprise-level performance and capabilities for online transactional processing (OLTP). High availability plans provide multizone region support in a three HA node configuration to ensure ultimate redundancy.

Key features

Scalable and elastic cloud service

Db2 on Cloud is an elastic service, and allows you to independently scale compute and storage through an intuitive UI or REST API.

Expertly managed and highly secure

Day-to-day operations for Db2 on Cloud, including database monitoring, uptime checks and failovers, are fully automated. Operations are supplemented by a DevOps team that are on call to handle unexpected system failures. Data is encrypted at rest and in motion by default. Administrators can also restrict access to sensitive data through data masking, row permissions, and role-based security, and can utilize database audit utilities to maintain audit trails for their database. IBM Key Protect and IBM Cloud service endpoint are also supported.

Run your own apps

In addition to the integrated tools, you can connect many popular third-party BI and visualization apps that you might already be using. For example, connect IBM InfoSphere Data Architect to design and deploy your database schema, or connect SQL-based tools such as Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics to manipulate or analyze your data. For the managed service, you can connect other IBM Cloud applications.

Graphical user interface or command line

You can use the web console to perform many key tasks, such as loading data, working with tables, run SQL, and monitoring. Alternatively, you can use the command-line user interface CLPPlus to define, edit, and run statements, scripts, and commands.

Plans and configurations

Db2 on Cloud offers two elastic configurations to meet your workload requirements. Each plan can be deployed with or without high availability. When high availability is chosen, three nodes are provisioned in multiple availability zones, where available.

Standard Plan

  • Base instances start at 8 GB RAM x 20 GB storage on shared compute slices
  • 100 GB of free backup storage for up to 14 days of backups

Enterprise Plan

  • Base instances start at 4 vCPU x 16 GB RAM x 20 GB storage on dedicated compute slices
  • 1 TB of free backup storage for up to 14 days of backups

Supported data centers

The Standard and Enterprise plans are supported in the following data center geographies:

Multi-zone region (MZR)

  • Dallas - (Dal10, Dal12, Dal13)
  • Frankfurt - (Fra02, Fra04, Fra05)
  • London - (Lon04, Lon05, Lon06)
  • Sydney - (Syd01, Syd04, Syd05)
  • Tokyo - (Tok02, Tok04, Tok05)
  • Washington, DC - (Wdc04, Wdc06, Wdc07)
  • Sao Paulo - (Sao01, Sao04, Sao05)
  • Toronto - (Tor01, Tor04, Tor05)

MZR supports 3 node HA in 3 different data centers in that region.

Single-zone region (SZR)

  • Milan - (Mil01)
  • Montréal - (Mon01)

SZRs support 3 node HA in a single data center in that region.

EU-Supported (MZR)

  • Frankfurt 02 - (Fra02, Fra04, Fra05)

EU-Supported MZR supports 3 node HA in 3 different data centers in that region.