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Configuring Event Notifications

Configuring Event Notifications

You can use the IBM Cloud® Event Notifications service to receive information about critical events that occur in your IBM Cloud® account. You can filter and route event notifications from IBM Cloud services like Toolchains, Monitoring, Security and Compliance Center, and Secrets Manager to communication channels like PagerDuty, Slack, email, SMS, push notifications, webhook, Microsoft® Teams, ServiceNow, and IBM Cloud Functions.

Before you configure an Event Notifications tool integration, make sure that you provision an instance of the Event Notifications service.

By connecting a toolchain to an Event Notifications service instance, the Event Notifications tool integration enables the toolchain and its associated tool integration instances to send built-in and client bespoke events to any of the destinations that are supported by the Event Notifications service. For more information about how toolchains process events, see How events are collected and sent by toolchains.

Make sure that the selected Event Notifications service instance has an IAM authorization policy that allows the toolchain to send events to this service instance. For more information about granting authorization with the Event Notifications service instance, see Why am I denied permission to integrate an Event Notifications instance?.

Configure Event Notifications to send critical events from toolchains and tool integration instances:

  1. If you have a toolchain and are adding this tool integration to it, from the IBM Cloud console, click the menu icon hamburger icon and select DevOps. On the Toolchains page, click the toolchain to open its Overview page. Alternatively, on your app's Overview page, on the Continuous delivery card, click View toolchain. Then, click Overview.

    a. Click Add tool.

    b. In the Tool Integrations section, click Event Notifications.

  2. Type the name that you want to display for this tool integration on the Event Notifications card in your toolchain. This name is used to identify the tool integration in your toolchain.

  3. Select the Event Notifications instance to connect the toolchain to.

  4. Click Create Integration to add the Event Notifications tool integration to your toolchain.

  5. On your Toolchain's Overview page, on the IBM Cloud tools card, click Event Notifications.

For more information about how to configure Event Notifications by using the API or Terraform, see Enabling notifications.

Configuring Event Notifications by using the API

The Event Notifications tool integration supports the following configuration parameters that you can use with the Toolchain HTTP API and SDKs when you create, read, and update tool integrations.

You must specify the tool_type_id property in the request body with the eventnotifications value.

Table 1. Event Notifications tool integration parameters
Parameter Usage Type Terraform argument Description
name required, updatable String name The name of this tool integration.
instance-crn required, updatable String instance_crn The Cloud Resource Name (CRN) of the Event Notifications service instance.

Enabling notifications for Tekton Pipelines

You can configure a Tekton Pipeline to send events to Event Notifications integrations.

  1. From your toolchain's Overview page, on the Delivery pipelines card, click the Delivery Pipeline to open the Tekton Delivery Pipeline dashboard.
  2. On the Settings > Advanced Settings page, enable Event Notifications.
  3. Save your changes.

Learn more about Event Notifications

To learn more about Event Notifications, see Getting started with Event Notifications.