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  • Get $1,500 to test drive our features

    In our free to start trial, you'll receive $1,500 to test drive an IBM open data lakehouse instance on IBM Cloud. You'll be able to try out our core capabilities, including:

    • Elastic scaling and pause of multiple query engines

    • Support for open data and table formats to share a single copy of data across engines

    • A simple, integrated console with built in governance, security, and automation to get started in minutes.

  • To start your free trial:

    1. Log in or create an IBM Cloud account using the form on the left-hand side.

    2. Go to the lakehouse catalog page (https: // choose IBM infrastructure.

    3. Apply the promo code WATSONXDATA.

    4. Click Create.

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    Upon signup, you'll receive an additional $200 in IBM Cloud credit you can use for any IBM Cloud service, including

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