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About Data manager

About Data manager

The Data manager page in IBM® is the entry point to browse the schemas and tables by engine. You can select an engine to view the associated catalogs, schemas, and tables.

From the Data manager page, you can create schemas and tables by using the Create option. You can also select a catalog or schema, click the overflow menu, and use the corresponding Create option to create a schema or table. Create table from file option in the overflow menu of schema is also used to ingest a data file into Similarly, schemas and tables can be dropped from the catalogs.

Wait for a few minutes to view the changes after a schema or table is dropped.

You can create Ingestion jobs from the Data manager page. Other tasks that can be performed in the Data manager page include adding, renaming, or dropping a column.

You can browse the Table schema and up to 25 rows of Data sample for some tables. You can view the Time travel snapshots and use the Rollback feature to rollback or rollforward to any snapshots for Iceberg tables.