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Creating schema

Creating schema

You can create schema from the Data manager page by using the web console.

  1. Log in to IBM® console.
  2. Select Data manager from the navigation menu.
  3. Select the engine from the Engine menu. The catalogs that are associated with the selected engine are displayed.
  4. Click the Create drop-down and select Create schema.
    1. In the Create schema form, select the catalog and enter schema name.
    2. Click Create. The schema is created under the selected catalog.

Do not use special character such as question mark (?) or asterisk (*) in schema name.

Make sure to fulfil the requirements before creating a schema against a registed bucket. Otherwise, the system returns the following error message.

Failed to create schema. Try the following measures to resolve the error:
 - Ensure you have the required permissions.
 - Enter the correct credentials.
 - Enter the correct storage path for the bucket.
 - Ensure the bucket is registered with and then retry.