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Welcome to watsonx Assistant

Welcome to watsonx Assistant

Welcome to the documentation for watsonx Assistant!

IBM® watsonx™ Assistant, focused on using actions to build customer conversations, is designed to make it simple enough for anyone to build a virtual assistant. Building, testing, publishing, and analyzing your assistant can all now be done in one simple and intuitive interface.

  • New navigation provides a workflow for building, previewing, publishing, and analyzing your assistant.

  • Each assistant has a home page with a task list to help you get started.

  • Build conversations with actions, which represent the tasks you want your assistant to help your customers with. Each action contains a series of steps that represent individual exchanges with a customer.

  • A new way to publish lets you review and debug your work in a draft environment before going live to your customers.

  • Use a new suite of analytics to improve your assistant. Review which actions are being completed to see what your customers want help with, determine if your assistant understands and addresses customer needs, and decide how can you make your assistant better.

  • Explore our interactive demo site to learn how watsonx Assistant can be used to build powerful, scalable experiences for your users.

For more information, see FAQs about watsonx Assistant.

Visit Getting started with watsonx Assistant for a tutorial series on building in watsonx Assistant.

Switching between watsonx Assistant and the classic experience

You can easily switch back and forth between watsonx Assistant and the classic experience. However, watsonx Assistant provides a simplified user interface, an improved deployment process, and access to the latest features. For more information, see Migrating to watsonx Assistant. If you do need to switch, see Switching between watsonx Assistant and the classic experience.

Using watsonx Assistant

IBM® watsonx™ Assistant can be deployed as a managed cloud service or can be installed on premises. This documentation applies to a managed service on IBM Cloud or installed on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, and describes how to use the product regardless of how it is deployed. Information that applies exclusively to one deployment type is denoted by the appropriate tag:

  • IBM Cloud for managed instances
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Data version 4.6 or later for installed instances