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Getting started with IBM Cloud Transit Gateway

Getting started with IBM Cloud Transit Gateway

Use IBM Cloud® Transit Gateway to interconnect IBM Cloud classic and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) infrastructures worldwide, keeping traffic within the IBM Cloud network. With IBM Cloud Transit Gateway, organizations can define and control communication between resources on the IBM Cloud network, providing dynamic scalability, high availability, and private, in-transit data between IBM Cloud data centers. Transit gateways are commonly implemented to support hybrid workloads, frequent data transfers, private workloads, or to ease administration of the IBM Cloud environment.

With IBM Cloud Transit Gateway, you can connect:

  • VPCs in the same region (local routing)
  • VPCs in different regions (global routing)
  • VPCs to your IBM Cloud classic infrastructure
  • Networks using a Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnel
  • On-premise networks using Direct Link to your IBM Cloud networks

To get started using IBM Cloud Transit Gateway:

  1. Review transit gateway features and use cases in About IBM Cloud Transit Gateway.
  2. Make sure that you have met the requirements listed in Planning for IBM Cloud Transit Gateway.
  3. Create a transit gateway. See Ordering an IBM Cloud Transit Gateway for details.