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Assigning access to Security and Compliance Center

Assigning access to Security and Compliance Center

As an account owner, you are automatically assigned Administrator platform access to Security and Compliance Center so that you can further assign roles and customize access policies for others.

Assigning access for an account

  1. Create an access group for the type of users that you want to give access to and add those users to the group. For example, you might have a team of compliance specialists that all need the same level of access.

  2. After you create a group and add users, go to the Manage > Access (IAM) > Access Groups page of the console.

  3. Select the name of the group that you want to assign access to.

  4. Click Access > Assign access.

  5. Assign the following permissions by selecting a service and reviewing the available roles and actions that are available for each option.

    Table. Minimum required permissions
    Service Minimum required permissions
    Security and Compliance Center Administrator
    Cloud Object Storage Reader
    Event Notifications Reader

    To review the full list of which permissions are required for each action and assign more granular access to Security and Compliance Center, see IAM actions for Security and Compliance Center.

  6. Click Add.

  7. Review your selections and click Assign.

Assigning access for an Enterprise

If you are working in an enterprise account, you must also assign permissions for the enterprise service.

You can assign Administrator access for the service, or you can create a custom role. When you assign permissions for an enterprise, you can give access to the full enterprise or specific accounts or account groups. To learn more about recommendations for enterprises, see Best practices for enterprises.

  1. In the Console, go to Manage > Access (IAM) > Roles and click Create.
  2. Give your role a name, programmatic ID, and description. For example, Compliance focals, ComplianceFocals, and Permissions required for compliance focals to work with Security and Compliance Center.
  3. From the Service drop-down, select Enterprise, and then add the following actions.
    • enterprise.enterprise.attach-config-rules
    • enterprise.enterprise.detach-config-rules
    • enterprise.enterprise.update-config-rules
    • enterprise.account-group.attach-config-rules
    • enterprise.account-group.detach-config-rules
    • enterprise.account-group.update-config-rules
    • enterprise.account.attach-config-rules
    • enterprise.account.detach-config-rules
    • enterprise.account.update-config-rules
    • enterprise.account.retrieve
    • enterprise.account-group.retrieve
    • enterprise.enterprise.retrieve
  4. Review your selections to ensure that you added the correct permissions and click Create.

Assigning access to Satellite

To evaluate the resources that run on Satellite, you must create a service-to-service authorization between Security and Compliance Center and Satellite. To create a new authorization through the IAM UI, you can use the following steps.

  1. In the IBM Cloud console, go to Manage > Access (IAM) > Authorizations.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Select Security and Compliance Center from the Source service drop-down.
  4. Leave All resources selected.
  5. Select Satellite from the Target service drop-down.
  6. Leave All resources selected.
  7. Check Viewer to provide the required access.
  8. Click Authorize.