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VMware SDDC certified profiles for SAP NetWeaver

VMware SDDC certified profiles for SAP NetWeaver

Profiles list

The published names are subject to change.

The following table is an overview of the SAP-certified profiles with either:

  • Intel Bare Metal and VMware vSphere (ESXi), manual VMware setup and configuration
  • IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Dedicated, automated VMware SDDC setup and configuration
Table 1. SAP NetWeaver servers
Profile CPU Cores CPU Threads (also known as. vCPU) Memory (RAM GB) SAPS (after VMware hypervisor 10%)
BI.S3.NW192 (VMware) 36 72 192 GB 70,965
BI.S3.NW384 (VMware) 36 72 384 GB 71,487
BI.S3.NW768 (VMware) 36 72 768 GB 71,667
BI.S4.NW192 (VMware) 32 64 192 GB 74,223
BI.S4.NW384 (VMware) 32 64 384 GB 76,617
BI.S4.NW768 (VMware) 40 80 768 GB 101,547
BI.S4.NW1500 (VMware) 56 112 1536 GB 132,498
BI.S4.NW3000 (VMware) 56 112 3072 GB 121,614

Understanding Bare Metal profile names

The Bare Metal profile names are contextual and sequential, below uses an SAP HANA certified server as an example:

Table 2. Profile naming for SAP NetWeaver
Profile name Naming convention component What it means
BI.S3.H8401 BI IBM Cloud Infrastructure
S2 Series 2 (processor generation) \n
  • S2 is Intel Broadwell
  • S3 is Intel Skylake/Kaby Lake
  • S4 is Intel Cascade Lake
H HANA-certified server
8 8-socket server
4 4 TB RAM
01 Revision number (00 is launch, 01 is first revision, and so on)
A or B Available as appliances with preconfigured built-in disks (A) or as boot servers only (B)