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Get started

IBM Cloud® for SAP is the continuation of a 50+ year IBM-SAP alliance across hardware, software, and services.

With over 60 IBM data centers worldwide, the IBM Cloud® SAP-Certified Infrastructure gives you the flexibility to run your SAP workloads in the IBM Cloud when and where you need them. You can quickly address issues such as:

  • Rapidly expanding or contracting capacity
  • Moving SAP workloads to the cloud
  • Supplementing an existing private cloud architecture.

The following documentation provides design considerations and guidance for provisioning the infrastructure to support SAP workloads, including:

  • SAP Business Applications such as SAP S/4HANA or SAP BW/4HANA
  • SAP Technical Applications such SAP HANA database server and SAP NetWeaver application server

You can use this information to help planning your SAP installation and running your SAP workloads on IBM Cloud.

The following documentation does not replace any SAP implementation-related documentation.

Before you begin

Before you can install SAP software components on IBM Cloud, you need an:

  • SAP S-User ID to review relevant SAP documentation and download SAP installation media
  • IBM ID to create an IBM Cloud account

This information is covered in the Pre-Requisites for SAP Workloads topic group, under Necessary account credentials for SAP and IBM Cloud.

Summary of an SAP landscape installation onto Cloud IaaS

This table summarizes the SAP landscape installation steps for you and your team:

Table 1. Overview of your SAP landscape installation steps
Task Details
Read the Overview of IBM Cloud® for SAP Identify the various offerings that are available for your SAP landscape. Provides a high-level comparison of your options.
Read the relevant documents in the following topic groups:
Read the relevant SAP software documentation.

Short lists of planning considerations are available to assist under topic groups:

  • SAP Business Applications
  • SAP Technical Applications
  • SAP AnyDB databases
    Lists of usage, network, storage, database, and OS considerations are available for SAP Business Applications, SAP Technical Applications, SAP AnyDB databases, SAP Development Applications. References to SAP installation documents are also included.
Optional: Read the relevant SAP Business Partner certified solutions documents Various SAP Open Ecosystem Partners are available from IBM Cloud, with documents on how to best use these solutions for your SAP deployment.
Optional: Read the relevant IBM-SAP innovation solutions documents IBM Cloud® for SAP
Read and follow the documents in the Pre-Requisites for SAP Workloads topic group Prepare the credentials, account structure, connectivity, software downloads, support procedures, and licensing that is needed before you begin your deployment.
Read and follow the Provisioning topic groups in the How to section For your specific infrastructure, follow the provisioning guidelines to set up the first servers at the sizes that are required to run your SAP systems. Planning your SAP landscape with the business is crucial to success. It is likely these documents might be read many months after the topics listed in the other steps.
Revisit Task 3, and follow the relevant SAP software documentation to install SAP on the infrastructure It is important to follow SAP guidance clearly, including any additional reference guidance available on SAP Notes for your chosen applications. This stage is the same as installations into servers hosted at on-premises data centers.

Next steps

Review the following documentionat for your relevant configuration: