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Securing your data in Qiskit Runtime

Securing your data in Qiskit Runtime

To ensure that you can securely manage your data when you use Qiskit Runtime, it is important to know exactly what data is stored and encrypted and how you can delete any stored data.

Protecting your sensitive data in Qiskit Runtime

The data that you store in IBM Cloud is encrypted at rest by using a randomly generated key.

Deleting your data in Qiskit Runtime

Deleting a service instance removes all of the content associated with that instance, such as your jobs, results, parameters, and programs. To delete an instance, from the Instances page, find the instance you want to remove, click its overflow menu, then click Delete. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Deleting Qiskit Runtime instances

The Qiskit Runtime data retention policy describes how long your data is stored after you delete the service. The data retention policy is included in the Qiskit Runtime service description, which you can find in the IBM Cloud Terms.