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Navigating the IBM Cloud console

Navigating the IBM Cloud console

The IBM Cloud® console is the user interface that you use to manage all your IBM Cloud resources. You can create a free account, log in, access documentation, access the catalog, view pricing information, get support, or check the status of IBM Cloud components. After you log in, the menu bar contains a Navigation Menu icon Navigation Menu icon and more links.

Using the console

When you log in to IBM Cloud, your dashboard is displayed, which shows widgets that summarize the status of your account. If you're interested in customizing your dashboard, see Working with scoped dashboards.

You can navigate the console by using the options from the console menu bar. Use the following options to explore the console:

  • Use the Catalog link to explore over 350 products that offer options for compute, networking, security management, end-to-end developer solutions, and more.
  • Click the Help icon Help icon > Docs to access the product documentation.
  • Click the Help icon Help icon > Support center to go to the Support Center page
  • From the Manage menu, you can access your account, billing and usage, and Identity and Access Management options.
  • Click the IBM Cloud Shell icon IBM Cloud Shell icon to open a browser-based shell environment that you can use to work with your IBM Cloud resources.
  • Click the Cost estimator icon Cost estimator icon to open the cost estimator.
  • Click the Notifications icon Notifications icon to view and control all incidents, maintenance, and announcements that are likely to affect your account.
  • Click the Avatar icon Avatar icon to access your profile, guided tours, console theme options, and more.

In addition to the console, command-line interfaces (CLIs), APIs, and SDKs are available for interacting with you cloud account and resources. Terraform support is also available through use of the IBM Cloud Provider plug-in for managing cloud resources at enterprise scale through templates and scripting.