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Provisioning your IBM OpenPages as a Service environment

Provisioning your IBM OpenPages as a Service environment

Do the following steps to provision your IBM OpenPages environment:

  1. Log in to IBM Cloud by using your IBMid.

  2. On the Dashboard, click Create resource.

  3. On the Catalog page, in the search bar, type openpages and select IBM OpenPages.

  4. Select the Essentials plan or the Standard plan.

  5. Do the following steps:

    • Type a Service Name for your IBM OpenPages instance. This will be the name of the first (dev) environment created for you.
      • You can change the base currency or use the default value.
      • You can choose to include sample data.
    • Click Solutions and choose at least one.
  6. Read and agree to the terms, then click Create. Your IBM OpenPages instance is being created.

  7. To see the progress, go to the Resource list.

  8. In the search box, type openpages.

    Your instance is listed twice because IBM OpenPages is associated with two categories in the IBM Cloud catalog.

    You might need to refresh the page to update it. Your instance is ready when the Status column shows Active.

  9. Click the name of your IBM OpenPages instance. The overview page for the IBM OpenPages instance is displayed.