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Updating maximum number of worker nodes

Updating maximum number of worker nodes

Complete the following steps if you want to update the maximum number of worker nodes.

  1. Update the file ibmcloudgen2_templates.json in $LSF_ENDIR/resource_connector/ibmcloudgen2/conf. A typical HPC cluster that is installed on IBM Cloud® would have this file in /opt/ibm/lsf/conf/resource_connector/ibmcloudgen2/conf.

  2. Update the value for field maxNumber to the number of your choice. See the following sample code for an example:

    "templates": [
    "templateId": "<TemplateID>",
    "maxNumber": 200,
    "attributes": {
    "type": ["String", "X86_64"],
    "ncores": ["Numeric", "1"],
    "ncpus": ["Numeric", "1"],
    "mem": ["Numeric", "1024"],
    "icgen2host": ["Boolean", "1"]
    "imageId": "<IMAGE_ID>",
    "subnetId": "<SUBNET_ID>",
    "vpcId": "<VPC_ID">,
    "vmType": "cx2-2x4",
    "securityGroupIds": ["<SECURITY_GROUP_ID>"],
    "sshkey_id": "<SSH_KEY_ID>",
    "region": "us-south",
    "zone": "us-south-2"

    Make sure that the value for maxNumber is within the range that your specific subnet can accommodate. You can check the available IPs in the subnet page in the IBM Cloud console, or you can check by running the following command in the IBM Cloud CLI:

    ic is subnet <SUBNET_ID> --output JSON | jq .available_ipv4_address_count
  3. Run the following command to apply the changes of the file into the cluster:

    badmin reconfig