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Create an Event Notifications service instance

Create an Event Notifications service instance

Take the steps that get you started by creating an Event Notifications service instance.

Log in to your IBM Cloud account

In the IBM Cloud catalog, search and select Event Notifications. The service configuration screen opens.

Select a location

Select a Location. Currently, Dallas (us-south), London (eu-gb), Sydney (au-syd), Frankfurt (eu-de) and Madrid (eu-es) locations are supported.

Select a pricing plan

Currently, only Lite and Standard pricing plans are defined as follows:

  • Lite plan: This plan gives you unlimited ingested events, 10 topics, two filters per topic, five destinations, 20 outbound emails, 20 outbound SMSes, 20 outbound webhooks, and 1000 notifications per push destination. Ten subscriptions are allowed, and a subscription can have a maximum of three email recipients.

  • Standard plan: You are charged for ingested events and for outbound digital messages. An ingested event is one that is received and filtered. If a source is connected but no filters are defined for it (in other words, the source is not associated with any topic), the incoming events are dropped, and you are not charged. Outbound digital messages come in various types, and each type is priced separately.

    You can use Pre-production destination, as low-cost push destination, for your development and test environments. This feature is only available for Standard pricing plan.

Add a service name

Configure your resource with a Service name, or use the preset name.

Select a resource group

The resource group selection organizes your resources in your account. The resource group that you select cannot be changed after the service instance is created.

Define tags

Define optional tags that identify this service instance.

Create the Event Notifications service instance

Accept the licensing agreements and terms by clicking the checkbox.

Click Create. A new service instance is created and the Event Notifications console is displayed.