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Overview of use cases

Overview of use cases

Various use cases show the strengths of IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and IBM Cloud services when used together. These stories highlight several industries as well as types of workloads. Even though each use case is presented through the lens of a particular industry, these workloads are typical across various industries. You see workload themes, such as:

  • AI and machine learning
  • Data and storage
  • DevOps
  • Identity management
Financial services
Trim IT costs and accelerate regulatory compliance
Streamline developer productivity to deploy AI tools to partners 4 times faster.
Secure the exchange of data, connecting public and private organizations.
Improve collaboration velocity with community Developers, combining public-private data.
Migrate workloads from inefficient VMs to easily operated containers for patient systems.
Securely host sensitive data while you grow research with partners.
Share data via APIs with global business partners to drive omnichannel sales.
Optimize inventory expenses with digital insights to sales behavior.

Transportation Build and deploy HR site with AI in less than 3 weeks. : Increase availability of worldwide systems for business partners.