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Overview of Cognos Dashboard Embedded

Overview of Cognos Dashboard Embedded

IBM® Cognos Dashboard Embedded provides developers the ability to embed a visualization platform directly into their application.

If instead of embedding dashboards in your applications with APIs, you want to create visualization in a dashboard editor, see Cognos Dashboards on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service.


You as a developer have the flexibility to define the user workflow and control the options available to users. You can choose from a guided exploration of the analysis through authored fixed dashboards, to a free-form analytic exploration environment in which users choose their own visualizations – and virtually anything in between.

Complete these four steps to add Cognos Dashboard Embedded into an application:

  1. Creating an IBM Cloud® account and provisioning a Cognos Dashboard Embedded service instance.
  2. Creating a service credential to access the service instance API.
  3. Creating a Cognos Dashboard Embedded session from your web service application.
  4. Adding Cognos Dashboard Embedded into your web client application through the Cognos Dashboard Embedded JavaScript API.
  5. Cognos Dashboard Embedded uses the powerful IBM Cognos Analytics dashboard experience. To learn more above the Cognos Analytics dashboard experience, please see IBM Cognos Analytics - Dashboard documentation.

For more information, see Getting started tutorial.