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Provisioning Object Storage for Satellite

Provisioning Object Storage for Satellite

You can provision Object Storage for Satellite using the IBM Cloud console.

Before you begin

Before deploying Object Storage in a Satellite location, you must first deploy a Satellite location with sufficient computing hosts and raw block storage allocated for provisioning Object Storage.

Object Storage for Satellite only supports RHEL8.

Object Storage capacity Raw storage required Minimum host requirements
Small (12 TB) 18 TB 9 nodes of 4 vCPU and 16 GiB memory
Medium (24 TB) 36 TB 9 nodes of 4 vCPU and 16 GiB memory
Large (48 TB) 72 TB 9 nodes of 4 vCPU and 16 GiB memory
Extra Large (96 TB) 144 TB 18 nodes of 4 vCPU and 16 GiB memory

For more information on configuring hosts for storage, see the Satellite documentation.

Unlike cloud storage which scales elastically, there may be negative performance impacts when an instance gets near capacity. Workloads that demand higher performance may benefit from the additional computing power provided by the Extra Large plan, regardless of total storage required.

When provisioning block storage, is recommended to use a "Silver" storage class at a minimum to ensure adequate performance.

Configure a satellite location

  1. Follow the documentation to create a new Satellite location with the necessary hosts and storage resources.
  2. Grant the necessary service authorizations.
    1. Configure your IAM Authorizations under the Manage tab.
    2. Choose the Authorizations tab from the left hand menu.
    3. Click the create button to create an authorization that will allow a service instance access to another service instance. The source service is the service that is granted access to the target service. The roles you select define the level of access for this service. The target service is the service you are granting permission to be accessed by the source service based on the assigned roles.
    4. In the Source Service field, select Cloud Object Storage.
    5. In the Target Service field, select Satellite.
      1. Select all options: Satellite Cluster Creator, Satellite Link Administrator, Satellite Link Source Access Controller
    6. Then Authorize.

Provision an object storage service instance

  1. Log in to the console.
  2. Navigate to the catalog, by clicking Catalog in the navigation bar.
  3. Look for the Object Storage tile in the storage section and select it.
  4. Select Satellite from the "Choose an Infrastructure" section.
  5. Choose an existing Satellite location.
  6. Choose a capacity for your new Object Storage instance.
  7. Click Create and you're automatically redirected to your new instance.

Assign hosts and storage to object storage cluster (using Satellite Storage UI)

To access the Storage UI for Satellite, you must be added to the allowlist. Contact IBM to learn more.

If the location chosen for the new instance of Object Storage for Satellite was correctly configured with the required hosts and storage available, they will be automatically queued for assignment. This assignment requires confirmation from a Satellite administrator.

  1. Log in to the console.
  2. Navigate to Satellite, by clicking Satellite > Locations in the navigation bar.
  3. Select the Services tab.
  4. Look for the confirmation pop-up and approve the assignment.

Figure 1. Confirming host and storage assignment.
Assign storage