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Regions and endpoints

Regions and endpoints

You can use the IBM Cloud® App ID APIs for DevOps automation, customization, and management of your service instances. To understand availability of the service, you can review the following connectivity options.

Available regions

App ID is available in the following regions:

Visual representation of the availability of the service. The image is a map with pin points in the locations in which the service is available. If you are unable to view this image, see the table in the service endpoints section for a complete list.
Figure 1. App ID availability

This image is an artistic representation and does not reflect actual political or geographic boundaries.

Service endpoints

If you're managing your service instances of App ID programmatically, see the following table to determine which API endpoints to use when you connect to the APIs.

Table 1. Lists public endpoints for interacting with App ID APIs
Region Endpoint
Dallas us-south
Frankfurt eu-de
London eu-gb
Osaka jp-osa
Sao Paulo br-sao
Sydney au-syd
Tokyo jp-tok
Toronto ca-tor
Washington us-east

Formatting your API call

Calls to the management API endpoint take the following structure:

Table 2. Formatting for the available APIs
API Endpoint
Authorization https://<region>
Management https://<region>
Profiles https://<region>

Need help?

If you run in to trouble while working with the APIs, try watching this tutorial video.