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Getting started as an admin in API Connect V10 Reserved

Getting started as an admin in API Connect V10 Reserved

Set up API Connect so your users can develop APIs, publish them to consumers, and manage usage and lifecycles.

When you provision your Reserved instance, API Connect is configured with your administrator account and a default gateway service for controlling access to APIs. Just add users!

If you're not an admin, see Getting started as a user for instructions on signing in to API Connect.

Step 1. Open your administration console

In IBM Cloud, API Connect V10 Reserved provides two components: the administration console and the API Manager. Use the administration console to configure the Reserved instance for your users, who work with features in the API Manager.

All admins in your IBM Cloud account automatically have admin access to API Connect and can use the features in the administration console.

Start the administration console by completing the following steps:

  1. Log in to IBM Cloud.

  2. On the Dashboard, click Menu icon and select API Management.

    Select API Management

  3. In the navigation list, expand API Connect and click Services.

    Services page

    The "Services" page lists all of your API Connect services.

  4. On the "Services" page, click your Reserved instance's name to start it.

    API Connect opens to the administration console.

    Administration console

As an API Connect admin, you control the Reserved instance by configuring gateways for API access and managing users. Whenever you want to perform admin tasks, return to the "Services" page to open the administration console.

Step 2. Configure user access

In API Connect V10 Reserved, user access is managed with the IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) service. Create an API Connect provider organization that will represent a set of users, and use the IAM service to define access groups with roles that grant permission for users to work with API Connect features.

For details on configuring user access for API Connect, see Managing users.