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Getting started with Secure Gateway

Getting started with Secure Gateway

Secure Gateway is deprecated. For more information, see the deprecation details.

If you’re an existing Secure Gateway user, you can continue to use the service until it is no longer supported.

IBM® Secure Gateway for IBM Cloud® service provides a quick, easy, and secure solution for connecting anything to anything. By deploying the light-weight and natively installed Secure Gateway Client, a secure, persistent connection can be established between your environment and the cloud. With this, you can safely connect all of your applications and resources regardless of their location. Rather than bridging your environments at the network level like a traditional VPN, Secure Gateway provides granular resource control operating with the principle of least privilege as its core tenet.

Secure Gateway Architecture

After creating an instance of the Secure Gateway service, get connected in just a few steps.

  1. Add a gateway.
  2. Add a Client.
  3. Add a destination.