IBM API Connect

A comprehensive, end-to-end API management solution

Create custom APIs, apply security and consumption constraints, and manage the full lifecycle of APIs- all from a single unified console






Create custom APIs that expose the full capabilities of your microservices and enterprise applications to developers inside and outside of your organization.



Easily apply out-of-the-box and custom gateway policies to secure and govern the use of APIs, ultimately protecting your back-end data and services.



Manage the full lifecycle of your internal, external, and third party APIs. Easily publish, replace, supercede, migrate, deprecate, and retire your APIs.


API Connect makes it easy to bundle multiple APIs into products that you can share with internal and external developers via a self-service portal. You can fully customize the look and feel of the portal, and use the built-in blog, forum, and messaging features to facilitate communication with the developers who consume your APIs.


Easily charge other organizations to use your APIs. You can take advantage of out-of-the-box integration with the Stripe payment system, or integrate API Connect with other enterprise billing systems via well-documented interfaces. Application developers can use the API Connect developer portal to subscribe to monetized API plans, and to manage their payment and invoicing preferences.


Use API Connect to filter, sort, and aggregate all of your API event data. You can present the results within correlated charts, tables, and maps to help you manage service levels, set quotas, establish controls, set up security policies, manage communities, and analyze trends.

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Get 50K free API calls per month with API Connect Lite

Get the full set of API Connect features to create, manage, and secure APIs for free.

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Just need an API gateway? We've got you covered.

We've baked lightweight API management capabilities into key areas of the IBM Cloud platform. These capabilities are completely free with your IBM Cloud account, and allow you to easily create, secure, and manage:

  • APIs exposed by IBM Cloud Foundry Applications
  • APIs that wrapper a set of microservices built with IBM Cloud Functions
  • API proxies that expose backend services
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